My passion for running has taught me a lot about the sport. It has allowed me to experience and understand what works and what doesn't; where runners get it right, and the ways in which they can improve. It has also allowed me compete at a high level and understand what goes into it. My running journey began in Kenya where I was born and continued throughout high school and beyond. I've competed in distances from the mile all the way to the marathon (and even ran an ultra!) and this experience has given me a unique perspective on training, racing, nutrition, recovery and injury prevention. Now I'd like to use my knowledge and passion to help YOU become a BETTER runner, no matter where you are along your running journey.

Running is a gift. Let's cultivate that gift.


My Philosophy:

  • Running can and should be fun.

  • Running and strength-training should go hand-in-hand.

  • Training plans should be both personalized and flexible.

  • Injury prevention should be a top priority.

  • Runners can develop range and do well in a variety of distances.

  • Every runner has the potential to become an even better runner

My Background:

Mwangi Gitahi is a Nike pacer who shares his story. Mwangi speaks softly but he leads by example. Born in Kenya he's very much at home in tune with the New York vibe.

What My Runners Have Achieved:

  • Marathoner ran 7 straight personal bests, in distances ranging from the 5K all the way to the marathon.

  • 5K runner placed 1st overall female in 4 consecutive races, from 5K to half marathon distances.

  • First-time marathoner beat her goal time by over 2 minutes.

  • First-time half marathoner beat her goal time by almost 2 minutes.

  • Miler ran a 6-second personal best.

  • I've also helped a number of athletes deal with injuries and make a successful return to running!