What is your refund policy?

I evaluate refund requests on a case-by-case basis but generally I do not offer refunds. My plans are carefully prepared and methodical, and that time is valuable.

What if I get injured and can't continue the plan?

Unfortunately, injuries are all too common in running and I am sensitive to this reality (which is why I stress injury prevention so much) so in the event of an injury, I put the plan on hold until the athlete can resume the training plan again. I do not offer refunds in the event of an injury but I will work with you to get you through it!

How long will it take to get my plan?

Normally you will receive your plan a week after our initial (and free) consultation, but since it could take a little longer, depending on how involved the plan is, I require a 1-2 week timeframe for any new plans.

How do I stay in contact with you?

If you have purchased the PLUS plan then you will have 24/7 access to me (within reason, of course) and our communication will be frequent, either via text, phone call/Skype or email. If you purchased the BASIC plan then I will provide feedback through the online training calendar (TrainingPeaks) and then we can talk over the phone twice a month. You can also reach me via email and I will respond in a day or two.

How do I get feedback about my training?

See above for the differences in the two plans and the amount of communication you can expect from me.




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